Who are they?

The Vicente Ferrer foundation is created in Anantapur in 1969 by Anna and Vicente Ferrer to help the most impoverished communities in Southern India.

The foundation’s work helps more than 3 million people in 3.589 villages and its mission is to help rural communities in India in their fight against poverty, inequality and injustice and to ensure sustainable development.

Panama Jack has helped to build 374 homes and to deliver  1.111 bikes enabling children to access their education. Furthermore 5.436 people have received nutritional programs…. And we keep on walking together.

What unites us?

We have been working together during 17 years because we believe, in Vicente Ferrers words that “it is possible to change the world”.

Do you want to know more about the foundation?

Go to https://fundacionvicenteferrer.org/es/ to get to know their amazing work.